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Stick and Stitch Botanical Embroidery Patterns

Stick and Stitch Botanical Embroidery Patterns

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Stick and Stitch embroidery patterns are perfect for stitching on clothing (sweatshirts, denim, kids clothes), canvas and tote bags, dish towels, pillowcases, etc.

Each Collection features 12 modern designs. 

Designs are pre-printed on sticky washable stabilizer. Each one is a single-use pattern patch. Simply peel the backing off, stick the patch onto your project area and start stitching! When finished, hold under warm running water to dissolve the paper, gently rub it off, and let dry.

Please use quality embroidery thread for your projects to ensure the colors won’t bleed into your fabric. I use and recommend DMC brand.

It is recommended to stitch on non-stretchy fabrics. Make sure to secure your threads by knotting them off on the back side of your project, to avoid threads unraveling during wash.

Please note: stitching supplies or instructions are not included. Embroidery stitch guide (pdf file) can be emailed to you upon request - please include a Note to Seller at checkout.

Get creative and experiment with different stitches and color combinations! Happy stitching!

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